IP access controller with built-in smart-card reader WB-AC-3

Standalone or network controller with built-in Mifare smart-card reader. Can be connected to LAN. Functions under a Linux based operating system and provides full programming capabilities.


  • support of all Mifare card range
  • direct connection of locks via transistor outputs (up to 3 ones)
  • direct connection of exit pushbuttons and door opening sensors (up to 6 ones)
  • Ethernet connector for LAN connection
  • Wi-Fi 802.11n module
  • power over Ethernet (passive PoE) capabilities
  • RS-485 interface
  • open source operating system Linux Debian
  • overall dimensions 120x80x30 mm

Availability: by request, min 15 devices
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Price: starting from $135

The following devices can also be connected (the corresponding ports are available):

◦ readers and controllers provided with RS-485 connectors (1 port)
◦ external readers with Wiegand interface (up to 2 devices)
◦ digital keyboards with Wiegand interface

Programming of the device

The access controller runs under full Linux Debian operating system. Therefore, any language suitable for Lunix application development (C, C++, Python, etc.) can be used for controller programming. API is described in documents available at the documentation portal.

It is possible to install a web-server and a database directly on the controller.

Huge programming capabilities of the controller make it possible to integrate it with existing access control systems. It is possible to emulate third party products (information is provided by request).

You can also order development of the controller firmware.


WB-AC-3 is a standalone or network IP access controller with built-in Mifare smart-card reader, which can be used as a substitution of conventional access controllers and is capable to read cards, process data collected, connect to remote databases, control locks directly, without additional devices.
The device supports ISO 14443 smart-cards, including all Mifare cards: Classic, Ultralight, DESFire, Plus (including numerous transport and “social” cards). It is also capable to read PayPass/payWave payment cards. Data exchange with NFC smartphones is possible.
Data obtained from the cards are processed by a microcomputer (i.MX233 454 MHz processor, 64 MB RAM) that runs under Linux Debian operating system. It is possible to develop any firmware for the device.
Transistor outputs of the device can be used for direct connection of up to three locks, as well as pushbuttons and door opening sensors. WB-AC-3 controller is equipped with RS-485 port suitable for connection of additional external smart-card readers. It is also possible to connect Wiegand readers, digital keyboards, etc.
The controller can be connected to a data communication network via Ethernet or RS-485 interface. Optional Wi-Fi 802.11n module is available.
The controller can be powered from a power supply unit (4.5-22V, 10 W) or via the Ethernet connector. In the last case, both power and digital data are transmitted over the same cable (passive Power over Ethernet technology uses spare twisted pairs, maximal voltage is 24V).

Scope of supply:

The scope of supply includes WB-AC-3 access controller itself. The module is delivered packed in bubble shock protective film or a cardboard box with shock-absorbing foam plastics pads. When sent by mail, the module is packed in a durable cardboard box. Electronic copies of the documentation are available.


Normal operation of the module is warranted during 1 year from the sale day provided that all operation and storage requirements stated in the Technical description are met. In case of malfunction, the module will be repaired or exchanged for a new one. The warranty does not cover modules with mechanical, electrical or other defects caused by improper usage.


Wiren Board, 2012-2017
15+ pcs. 50+ pcs. label
IP-controller WB-AC-3 $150 $135 WB-AC-3
additional Mifare reader WB-AC-3-MF $75 $70 WB-AC-3-MF
option Wi-Fi 802.11n for WB-AC-3 $20 $18 WB-AC-3-WIFI
option RS-485 for WB-AC-3 $10 $8.5 WB-AC-3-RS485