Applications of Wiren Board


Smart Home

Smart Home & home automation

Wiren Board is a right choice when selecting a smart-house controller.
Support of third party equipment makes it possible to select the optimal solution for your house. Connect water, gas, electric power metering devices, temperature, leakage and motion sensors. Control contactor sets in the electric cabinet.

Noolite devices support wired (via ModBus RTU or DMX512) and wireless lighting control.

Web-interface is installed on the controller itself, so the device can operate stand-alone, without Internet connection.

Supported devices list

Remote control of equipment, remote reading of sensors and counters

Sensors & counters

Wiren Board 4 controller is capable to substitute several devices: PLC, GSM modem, Ethernet gateway, IO extension modules.

Separate UPS is not required, because built-in Wiren Board battery ensures up to 3 hours of operation. Built-in GSM/GPRS modem can be used to send and receive SMS messages, as the primary or redundant Internet access channel.

The controller supports direct connection of electric power, water and gas metering devices with pulse outputs, as well as of RS-485 and Mercury CAN counters.

Various digital and analogue sensors, including temperature, moister, luminance sensors and gas detectors, can be connected to the controller. Wiren Board 4 controller is equipped with general purpose digital and analogue inputs that can be used for equipment monitoring. Built-in open collector and relay outputs make it possible to control contactors.
Internal open source scalable software of the controller implements a local monitoring and control interface. With Wiren Board you do not have to worry about the control room arrangement: the built-in software is capable to transfer data to Zabbix, Xively, WB Cloud.

Batch manufacturing, modification capabilities

“Бесконтактные устройства” company provides services of improvement and modification of Wiren Board devices in accordance with customer requirements. It is possible to optimize costs by removal of unused capabilities, add ports and interfaces, alternate dimensions and housing type.

Our development skills, as well as usage of ready for operation, time-proven Wiren Board hardware platforms allow us to ensure high product quality, execute projects quickly and at low price.

Minimal price of improvement is $2000. Improvement takes 4-6 weeks, while manufacturing of a batch of controllers takes 8 weeks.